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XML Web Services Gateway – DXchange

Avani Cimcon Technologies offers an OTA (OpenTravel™ Alliance) compliant XML web services Gateway named DXchange. DXchange enables boundless and seamless integration with multiple CRSs, GDSs and other Online Travel Suppliers. It has a built-in Aggregation Engine and Business Rules Engine to show aggregated and consolidated results from multiple suppliers. It acts as a Travel Distribution Platform or a Data Exchange Middleware Server and can connect to heterogeneous systems with ease. It is completely scalable and easily configurable architecture based on XML and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

It provides Travel Portals the ability to bundle XML requests to multiple suppliers in a single request, aggregate and consumes XML or any form of online data from suppliers. For Suppliers, DXchange enables them to expose their CRS as OTA (OpenTravel™ Alliance) compliant web services in a cost effective and secure manner giving them a wider reach. The benefit are: Freedom from blocking inventories, more control on live inventory, pricing and utilization, Multiple channels of distribution, real time analytics and dashboards.

DXchange fully supports the XML standards developed by OTA (OpenTravel Alliance) and it can support other standards with minimal customization. DXchange is available in three versions: Lite, Professional and Enterprise. DXchange is available on .net and Java platforms and can connect to heterogeneous systems.

XML Web Services Gateway – DXchange

A powerful web-based Business Rules Engine, with an easy to use web interface, can be integrated with DXchange at all levels. This provides an organization with:

  • Ability to monitor and control the flow of data to their system
  • Flexibility to make changes to the business rules to adapt to the travel industry's ever-changing business requirements without any change to the code
  • Customization can be provided to Client’s Interface to suit their requirements

DXchange, an Innovative Solution, has been nominated as one of the Top 100 IT Innovations for 2007 by NASSCOM, India. (

Salient Features of DXchange are:

  • Scalable Services Oriented Architecture
  • Built-in Business Rules Engine
  • Compatibility with Industry standard XML specifications (OTA and TTI)
  • Aggregation of responses from multiple Suppliers
  • Secured access layer to multiple systems, components and data sources
  • Platform Agnostic - Connects to diverse platforms and data sources
  • 24x7 Error Management system
  • Enables usage of existing legacy applications and optional Accounting & Billing Modules

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