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Content Management System (CMS)

Avani Cimcon Technologies’ Content Management System is a multilingual capable solution for Do-It-Yourself web portals. The Content Management System is user-friendly tool to maintain the website and web content easily, quickly and cost effectively. It works on the concept of “Do-It-Yourself”, i.e. the users can themselves create web content like images, text, document, web pages etc, store them for reuse, and insert them on website with no knowledge of HTML and without the help of webmasters or web developers. CMS not only facilitates content management, but also gives an independent and full control of the website right from the simple ones to the most complicated. Having a continuously updated website is a mandatory requirement to survive and grow in the dynamic highly competitive environment of the Travel Industry. But at the same time keeping content continuously updated is expensive and time consuming.

Salient Features of Content Management System (CMS):

  • Create and Launch Travel Portals/Websites Easily
  • Do-It-Yourself: Update, reuse web content as and when needed
  • WYSIWYG site builder
  • SEO friendly: Creates Search Engine Optimized pages
  • Easily submit your site to search engines
  • Integration with Booking Engine and Dynamic Packaging
  • Domain Specific content: Host the same content with minor modifications for multiple domains
  • Newer business modules, RSS etc., can be easily integrated
  • Content management allows sharing of content between multiple applications like marketing automation suite
  • Linked contact management for storing of site visitors and their information and preferences for marketing campaign


Online Travel Portal CMS

Online Travel Portal CMSThe Online Travel Portal CMS is a totally customizable solution designed for small to large enterprises/portals to launch their web sites as quickly and as cost efficiently as possible. An ideal implementation of this system would be the front-end system to a booking engine. The CMS can be used to update marketing content on a day-to-day or a weekly basis. Click here to see a demo Online Travel Portal (


Destination Portal CMS

Destination Portal CMSThe Destination Portal CMS is a templated solution which allows you to manage your destination content with rich media. It has built-in modules to display complete information about the destination allowing the users to have a more complete view of what destination is, what are the destination’s values, easily find places to stay, what to do, what activities are there, property-wise web pages, brochures, tickets and loads of information modules about the destination. It provides a complete travel experience to the users and allows them to navigate and book their entire travel package with the travel products available with for sell, like airlines, hotels, vehicles, restaurants and excursions. Click here to see a demo Destination Portal (